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But one aspect of influence that hasn’t been fully explored ironically finds its roots in a major source of inspiration for the Wu.

And as a result, popular culture as we know it wound up being changed dramatically. Helping to bolster the rise of Asian cinema in the United States and other Western nations.

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First run films, usually horror flicks would lead off, followed by two kung-fu movies.

Among these films were two that would heavily influence RZA once he saw them: Shaolin & Wu-Tang (1983).

The Shaw Brothers Studios is perhaps the most recognizable Asian production company in the world, having first made movies in 1934.

Their movies thrilled audiences from Hong Kong and Taiwan to enclaves of Chinese emigrants in San Francisco and other US cities.The other time was right after he was elected to office, in December of 2006.As well, the Executive Director of the MAS Freedom Foundation, Mahdi Bray, campaigned for Ellison. These two movies led to the inception of the Wu-Tang Clan as we know it today thanks in part to the Clan’s embrace.What has to be taken into account here is that these two films wound up being highly important to the Wu’s birth, but they represented the last jewels of a dwindling movie empire in Hong Kong at the time.Times Square wasn’t the pristine tourist hub that it is today.

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