X rated webcam sharing

It has a built-in microphone with crisp, clear noise reduction so that even in the busiest location you can be heard without a hitch.

Another great feature of this webcam is that is plug and play, no software to install, not waiting for the program to set up, you simply plug it in and start filming to your hearts content.

The LED can be turned on and off by a switch on the cord, so you dont have to minimize a window and dig through a settings box to find out how to get them on and off.

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It is also great for someone who just wants a clear picture when they Skype home.

Find Lowest Price Another webcam from Logitech, this is a simpler model, made for more casual use at home or on the go.

It has a one click upload feature for several social media sites, such as You Tube and Facebook, giving you the ability to share instantly with the world what you are doing.

The built-in microphone comes with noise reduction to keep your conversations clear and comprehendible. Find Lowest Price This is a powerhouse in a tiny package.

It provides 720p HD video calling with all clients, from Skype to Google Voice.

It has the ability to pan and zoom, and you have the option to have LED lights on to give better lighting during any filming you may be doing.

It takes video in widescreen, giving you the largest frame to work with and allowing for your to do cinematic filming without the expensive equipment.

It films in a 16:9 format, so that you can get everything in one frame the first time and without squeezing everyone in uncomfortably.

It comes in a compact form, with a universal clip for laptops or LCD screens.

It is small and lightweight, easily packed into a laptop bag or backpack.

This professional grade camera has a lot of features that professional vloggers and streamers look for.

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