Updating opengl on ubuntu

SDL video target is 'x11' SDL video target is 'x11' SDL failed to create GL compatibility profile (which Profile=0!SDL failed to create GL compatibility profile (which Profile=0!That, however, is something that cannot be addressed using a simple extension unfortunately.

If you want reliable GL 3.3 support in any form on AMD hardware, you should use I answered the thread OP mentions regarding "Open GL & GLSL 3.3 on an HD Graphics 4000 under Ubuntu 12.04" but I thought I would give the same answer here too considering info seems so scarce.

This works for those using freeglut and glew: so Ive seen a lot of threads surrounding this and I thought here would be a good place to respond. After using the "Intel Graphics installer for linux" application, glxinfo gives the following info regarding open Gl: Open GL core profile version string: 3.3 (Core Profile) Mesa 10.6.0 Open GL core profile shading language version string: 3.30 Open GL version string: 3.0 Mesa 10.6.0 Open GL shading language version string: 1.30 Now from this you can see that the core profile and glsl version are 3.3,but compatible open Gl is only 3.0 thus if you want your code to run with 3.3 you need to specify both an opengl core profile and a glsl core profile.

The instance name of a block is actually what follows the closing brace.

Depending on the shader, you may not actually need an instance name.

I recently installed TF2 and CS: S on my Ubuntu and it was showing nothing but a black screen (I could still hear the sounds) and after searching a bit I found out it may be my Open GL version.

After entering The thing is I don't know how to update it, I searched for additional drivers in software resources and none were listed (which isn't normal in my opinion) and after checking for drivers on my laptop's website I couldn't install anything because they don't have linux support.

of Mesa (10.0), GL 3.3 only works on Intel hardware.

This is one of the joys of Intel's close involvement with the Mesa project.

My laptop is: Acer Aspire 5732z Graphics Card: Intel GMA 4500M Open GL (and its versions) are just specifications that both drivers and applications follow to allow certain access to graphics hardware...


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