Ten year age gap dating

I have recently learned that according to relationship psychologist John Gottman, the definition of a successful marriage, is one that does not end in divorce.

So, these people can be miserable, but as long as they stay together, it is considered a successful marriage.

How much does it matter if the woman is older as opposed to the man?

I don't know about him, but I was always waiting for the gap to narrow, at least a little.

But then he died in a plane crash and it was too late. I think age difference is a challenge like any other in a relationship.

I only know two couples with a large age gap very well.

One has a 15 year gap and the other a 30 year gap, both long-term with the husband being older.

What are the biggest problems you've run into as a result of dating someone older/younger?

What issues weren't nearly as big a deal as you thought they'd be?

But like with Liberty, he had issues about his own age in his head.

He would talk about how he was old and "at his age" etc.

When you get up to 15 or 20 years, there is a different issue.

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