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"If the Gurus don't accept division in faith, caste or gender, why is it being enforced on the Sikh community?

It doesn't make sense and contradicts Sikh teachings," Davinder echoes.

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If you have a minority faith, you should be integrating, not turning people away." Though my husband and I aren't devoutly religious, we do plan to keep the Sikh faith at the core of our children's upbringing.

My acceptance into the community has been reflected in the warmth of my family-in-law, showing the exact love and kindness that made me fall in love with Sikhism to begin with.

The couple had a civil marriage ceremony in 2012 at Pinewood Studios in Slough.

A few months before, close family gathered with them in a Gurdwara, as prayers were read for the couple's wellbeing.

"Though a non-Sikh can understand the universal teachings of Gurbani (compositions of the Gurus) and also those of other religions; they are on their own chosen religious ladder." According to Gurmukh, the Sikh Council's guidelines don't oppose interfaith marriages, only against them happening in Gurdwaras. Photo: bethmoon527/Flickr "The alternative of a civil marriage is there.

If they are so compelled by their residual faith in religion, both sides can visit each other's places of worship," he explains.Confident that the guidelines will provide clarification, helping to protect Sikh values, Gurmukh says: "There are certain core socio-religious values of communities which should be defended.The married life of a householder, and bringing up of children in a harmonious one faith environment." But Davinder feels that the guidelines have had a negative affect, "It has divided the Sikh community, misrepresented Sikh teachings and will inevitably risk disenfranchising many in the coming generations." Davinder and his wife Shanta had an Anand Karaj in a Gurdwara, although Shanta was born to a Christian Mother and a Hindu Father.With each round, a verse detailing the soul's journey towards God was read aloud.But according to guidelines recently released by the Sikh Council UK, some might consider our wedding to be a sham, as I'm not a Sikh.and the purpose is companionship and help on their spiritual path, rather than sexual enjoyment.

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