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Fktpat Evgjnsa, September 5, 1854, " Mrlt far local seeiiritle B la wii exceedingly dull. " Vew Tork Stocks Appear Ball IWWHIi Little More Baaiae M.

Closing quotations for three days were as follows Kept.

Slladolpbla xchaaf Baltimore j&xcnance The market for Burin t VUIng. Four per cents sold at 120 in the morning and elos Sd at 120 bid, and four arid a half par cents opened with sales at 113 and alosed at lll Ji bid.

The only sales reported were Cincinnati Bouthern Railroad gold six per cent, bonds at 116: Mount Adams and Eden Park Inellned Railroad" ten-thirty-year six er sent, bonds at 105 and Interest, and Ham ilton County seven-year five per cent In firmary relief bonds at 1J and Interest.

Approximate quotations of local securities are given below under "bid" ana "asked." rep- resen ting respectively the view of buyers, and allers: ce.ist7-s3s C.8.

- 106 Second Kat 13 Q'n City Nat K0 Tblr S Kat.

148 103 S6 60 147 65 2 First Nat 230 at Kxchange Xa. Bocurity Standard Waahingtoo weatrn Hi KXLUvsona aro CKB. 17 100 115 100 too 110 M MS ins" 131 160 90 i 104)4 ,107), no 38 108 Sales 118 ICS o ft ts 113! Asian sex is something really cute and mysterious, and you will definitely enjoy numerous videos of cute Asian hotties doing their best to satisfy their lovers, and they do it in a really perfect way, giving their cocks unbelievable pleasure, the guys have ever experienced before, and that makes the process of Asian sex unexpectedly breathtaking.Free Japanese porn video archive that provides sexy Asian pussy & hot Japan girls. Buying Snd selling ratee were as follows Vew Terk rchati Etoaton Kxnbanira.. Three per cents opened at 1004 and closed at SUCK bid.


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