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Things move fast in IRC and can be confusing at first.

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A channel is not necessarily shared among all IRC servers.

If you see an "&" instead of a # before a channel name it means the channel is not shared by all IRC servers on the Net but only locally on that particular server.

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But it has a good side too - no one can identify your race and age - it’s just people chatting with no prejudice about appearance.

Return to top You can join a number of chat groups at once (some IRC clients do not support this feature).

In each room people are chatting about different subjects. The names in the right-hand column are people who are talking in the chat room.

You enter the building, see a directory or listing of the discussions going on in each of the rooms, and select a room to visit. These names are referred to as "nicks", short for "nicknames".

This icon indicates that there is a sound clip describing the tutorial.


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