Sametime status not updating

rs=899&uid=swg21377088 Hi , I'm having the same problem. If a user has never had your photo before then it is almost immediate,however once I have seen your photo it is cached locally, and the client by default will not attempt to download a new photo for 7 days.

But I'm using Active Directory to store ( jpeg Photo ) user picture and use Hyena to upload picture into AD . The default cache period can be changed by editing the plugin_(in the directory where Sametime is installed) and add 'collaboration.realtime.imhub/lookup Expiration Days=x' where x= the number of days to cache the photo. But we can't see it from either integrated client or standalone client.

IBM has some preferences that allow users to set their own destiny, but no administrative control or option.

Do you have issues with people appearing online when they are away?

While I can manually go in and set these on my IBM Notes client, there is no Desktop policy setting nor Sametime policy that allows me to control this.

IBM documentation covers the variables and attribute for auto-status change preferences but that is all behind the scenes.

Then, click the settings icon on Top Right in ST (beside the Search edit field). I'm trying to add a picture to my Sametime profile, and I can't find any easy to understand instructions on this.

In the menu that is shown, select Manage Contacts, then Refresh Person Info in the popup submenu that appears when u select Manage Contacts. I've gone several pages deep in Google with no luck.

Tags : Sametime auto-status preferences Have you wanted to set your Sametime Connect client, embedded or stand-alone, auto-status change preferences via a policy? In the embedded Sametime client inside of IBM Notes you also rely heavily on the Notes client preferences dialog.

For Sametime Connect clients you can use the Sametime policies to set and enforce a few preferences.

Many customers are upgrading their pre 8.5 Sametime environments to 8.5.x Versions and therefore have to change the directory lookups to LDAP.


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