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“I know a couple who still have sex in their late seventies. ”Another, calling herself fatfairy, posted: “I have a Rabbit which gets used regularly but it has a lousy attitude to foreplay and post-coital cuddles are a definite no-no.” Another joked about where to hide their toys when their grandchildren came to stay.

It also compiled a list of sex tips for grans by grans, based on discussions on the forums.

The forums – covering news, culture, gardening, hobbies and relationships – received more than 500,000 views in Gransnet’s first month.

And, in a red-hot discussion about ways to keep things exciting over the age of 60, a gran asked for tips on tantric sex.

Other posts discussed the best positions when suffering from arthritis or other age-related ailments.

“The two are really not compatible but there is not much I can do about the former and I don’t want to give up on the latter.” Meanwhile, cheeky 67-year-old gran posted: “Husbands like fellatio but not cunnilingus.

Mind you, mine died nine years ago.”As well as randy husbands, topics up for discussion include heightened senses in the bedroom once eyesight begins to fail.

One, by a silver surfer called Mishap, said: “I find it hard to imagine that my OH (other half) would ever go off it!

I keep asking him when he might start to flag – no sign yet.“My arthritis makes it possible only to ‘do it’ if a bit of imagination is used.”And Kitty P wrote: “Slipped disc plus healthy sex drive – help!!

Keep in mind that even though you're in your sixties, there is still plenty of fun ready to be had by connecting with others, and you're never too old to make new friends!


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