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Adding a slave server To add another slave server to an existing replication configuration, see configuring Solr slave.Promoting a slave In the event of a downed master in a master-slave configuration, the slave servers can continue to service queries, but will no longer be able to index until a new master is instated.

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You can use this to determine the date of the last replicated event.

Note that if your slave has been disconnected from the master for one hour, and then reconnects, you may immediately see large My SQL replication currently does not support any locking protocol between master and slave to guarantee the atomicity of a distributed (cross-server) update.

It can be restored from a back up of another slave or the current master server.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team You don't appear to have Java Script enabled in your browser.

Each server must do the same number of updates, just as you would have a single server do.

The only difference is that there is a little less lock contention because the updates originating on another server are serialized in one slave thread.Master and slave: Dean (front) and Brando (seated) were pictured together in 1954.A new book says they had a master/slave relationship with Brando, the bigger star, engaging in twisted mind games with the younger man On set: Brando and Dean on the set East of Eden in 1955.This means that you should not chain two servers together in a two-way replication relationship unless you are sure that your updates can safely happen in any order, or unless you take care of mis-ordered updates somehow in the client code.You should also realize that two-way replication actually does not improve performance very much (if at all) as far as updates are concerned.Asynchronous replication can work only if the slave is able to continue reading the binary log from the point where it last read events.


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