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It's a given that even if a woman wants one or both of those things, she doesn't automatically want it WITH YOU.Good luck on your search for a laissez faire fuckbuddy.

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They let you know straight up "it ain't happening"The other, "casual dating/no commitment" to me, coming from a guy, means pure "I want to fvck somebody" ...

that means anybody who passes your approval and agrees.

Usually that questions comes up after casually dating for a period of time. There are plenty of people who wish a monogamous and serious relationship, yet may not wish marriage or children.

Securing a precise "label" for each approach to dating is occasionally a challenging topic. It was never the kiss of death for me, it didn't stop anyone from wanting to form a relationship with me after meeting.

I don't know about people who have chosen not write me because of it, as obviously we never met, lol.

I am weary of people who want marriage or a relationship, but that's because that's my kryptonite right now, I simply don't want that.

I keep coming across something like this: If a guy has anything other than "looking for a relationship" selected, then he seems to be labelled a player just looking for a hookup.

Is it really that off-putting to women if a guy wants to "date but nothing serious" or is "not looking for any commitment"? thanks Nothing is 'wrong' with it..there are some people who don't do casual sex and only want a serious relationship. Just don't pretend to want a relationship to get sex.

Two people looking for dating only can find a connection fall in love and get married.

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