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It starts with choosing classes as wisely as possible and working hard and doing your best in them.

You don’t need to start choosing colleges or majors; in fact, you probably shouldn’t, because things will probably change a lot by senior year.

Plus, you’re exhausted after long four years of high school and you’re totally distracted by excitement/fear about going to college.

A serious dip in your grades can have real-world consequences, like missing out on scholarship opportunities, disappointing potential future recommendation writers (for scholarships or internships), and maybe even losing your college acceptances. Freshmen are right out of junior high and still look like kids.

Many have braces, glasses, acne..common headaches of adolescence.

Freshmen may be in classes with upperclassmen for the first time too, especially electives like phys. (Or maybe it just seems that way because there is more work than in junior high!

) That adjustment period is long over by senior year.

They’re bittersweet times, but they can also be some of your most cherished memories.

Once you start high school, you'll probably hear something like “enjoy these years—they go so fast” dozens of times, but that's because they do.And those higher standards and tougher challenges can naturally help you mature.Whether taking the SATs or researching schools, most college preparation actually happens in the junior year, which seems like forever away when you’re freshman—but it comes up fast.With those physical changes, a lot of students gain more confidence—although, of course, most students still struggle with self-image and self-esteem to some degree.Some freshmen are almost unrecognizable by the time they're seniors, while others keep changing (a lot) well after high school.Most are looking back at the last four years and marveling at how quickly it went (and it does! But they’re also looking ahead to their futures, whether it's college, work, the military, taking a gap year, or a combination of these things.


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