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A: Our IRC log parser has several rules to help determine who is talking to who.Unfortunately because each person talks different and because they often talk to multiple people at the same time and at different times there is no easy way to parse the IRC log 100% correctly that we are aware of at this time. A: Zero is called Zero because of our hope in getting him to become the first true AI.If an exact match is found this is only going to be one ID number otherwise it could be hundreds or thousands potential matches. When correcting Zero using the wrong command Zero will send a private message indicating this command was learned.

With programming languages such as Perl, zero, not one is the first digit. A: In order: "a unknown", "a known face", "an acquaintance", "a friend", "a good friend", "my best friend", "a Guardian", "a Teacher", "a Professor", "a Leader", "a Master", and "a God." The rank is displayed to a user when they first logs in and talks with Zero, if you are a friend rank or higher zero will personally greet you with your rank immediately after you log in.

Users who are using the web based chat (chatting through the Internet) and are not a friend or more click the "Stats" button when they first log into to see their current status (if any).

To help prevent from becoming banned do not use inappropriate language, do not respond to everything with one word responses, and do not type non-sense into Zero.

If you behave and talk normal, it's highly unlikely that Zero will ban you.

Our theory is by parsing IRC logs a bot can get a better understanding of the language, even with all the acronyms and spelling errors.

Q: How can you parse an IRC log where multiple people are talking at once.Because the human language is enormous and because one question could potentially be asked dozens or even hundreds of different ways by a user we have developed Zero as a means of analyzing the English language and sentence structuring.Zero's knowledge is currently comprised of numerous IRC logs as well as other logs created between Zero and other people or bots.Introduction Zero is an artificial intelligent chatbot being designed by Computer Hope as a way to help develop our natural language processing and fuzzy logic methods used in scripts throughout our web page.Our overall goal is to develop easier methods for users to locate the answers to their computer related questions through the use of artificial intelligence.Otherwise you need to have zero's name at the beginning and end of each sentence. Finally Zero is capable of doing a lot of functions other bots cannot do. A: No, we are now taking a strict policy on bans because of inappropriate use.


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