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they are much more familiar with the code (since they wrote it, heh), but also i'm very busy with some of my other projects and won't have the time to spend an extensive amount of effort on this bug.however, please continue to cc this bug address with any pertininent info, as others will likely come across it if they have the same problem.Package: cacti Version: 0.8.6h-2 Severity: normal Hi I have a Linksys managed switch (SRW2016) being polled by Cacti.

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And I'd say also that other fields have the same problem (like the graph size for example). otherwise, there's something in the package build rules.

Here's what I've done : - apt-get install cacti and everything needed. Then I tried to create a new graph template : it's working but I couldn't edit it after. could you try using the "upstream" tarball, applying all the patches listed at and seeing if the problem reappears? Hi again Sean, I had time to try it now, and it's maybe a good news ...

This is not on a critical system, so I can fool around with it a bit if need be. I would appreciate it if someone would attempt to reproduce; 1.) Create a new device and add the SNMP - Interface Statistics Data Query.

I'll go poke the DB tomorrow and see if the entire graph item is messed up or if just changing the title item back to what it was before will fix it. (use an existing device, but give it a new Description).

Under "Graph Configuration", "Image Format" it says "Notice: Undefined index: in /usr/share/cacti/site/lib/html_on line 154" I put screenshots of both a good graph item and the new bad graph item here; I'm not sure if the DB is messed up or what is going on.

I'll look at it tomorrow when I'm less tired.

I didn't see that until I wrote this mail, so doing "bug reports" helps to sort things out, maybe ... Should I try to play with php files to be sure or do you have another idea ? Regards, -- Antoine Barrillon comes with it's own php in cacti-0.8.6h/lib/adodb/ ...

yes, cacti ships with it's own version of adodb included in the source.

The I tried to edit one of the original graph template : the first edit looks Ok but nothing is saved, instead a new incomplete graph template is created. The problem seems to be that the form lack some hidden fields : is in the html source, while '0' should be the real value. I have (if needed) : apache 1.3.34-2 apache-common 1.3.34-2 apache2-common 2.0.55-4 cacti 0.8.6h-2 libapache-mod-php4 4.4.2-1 libapache2-mod-php4 4.4.2-1 libdbd-mysql-perl 3.0002-2 libmysqlclient14 4.1.15-1 libmysqlclient15 5.0.16-1 libphp-adodb 4.64-4 mysql-client-4.1 4.1.15-1 mysql-common 5.0.16-1 mysql-server 4.1.15-1 mysql-server-4.1 4.1.15-1 php4 4.4.2-1 php4-cli 4.4.2-1 php4-common 4.4.2-1 php4-mysql 4.4.2-1 php4-snmp 4.4.2-1 Thank you, -- Antoine Barrillon templates are not working ... i was worrying that the problem might have been with the automagic db support... I applied all the official patches from, and I had no problem using these files.

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