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After the initial results chat libraries in various languages were publicly released by the community at a rapid pace.

Some of the most notable or widespread chat libraries are: In Anarchy Online the term "bot" is used to reference at both "bot software" and "ingame bot".

It's easy enough for someone without any programming experience to use.

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This gives the user the ability to completely customize his (or her) bot. This is a system that seperates features that directly interact with the user from the main bot application.

This system also allows features to be seperated into different plugins (often by placing them in different files or directories).

An ingame bot is an Anarchy Online character that is being controled by bot software rather than an actual player.

On this page you will find exclusively bot software.

True language comprehension is in constant development, as is a customizable Flash interface.

Transcripts of every bot's conversations are kept so you can read what your bot has said, and see their emotional relationships with other people and other bots.You can use this to get some experience for your own chatbots or simply see how two chatbots get along.This feature is available in your Bot Workshop as well.Pretty much all of the modern bot software is designed to be extendable.This means any developer can add new features or extend existing features.Bot software is the actual application that creates (or controls) an ingame bot.


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