Are liam and danielle still dating

“She chose the latter because she’s still so young.

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They had a big chat last month and decided there wasn't any point in dragging it out.

Liam's on tour until November and Danielle's very busy so they basically never see each other.

She wrote, “Liam bought the dog when he was single, he then got back with his girlfriend of that time and now they’re not.

“Makes everything awkward.” However, it seems that Danielle has claimed that she never gets to see Loki anymore – though she did tweet the picture above back in October last year – but when that was raised as an issue on Twitter, defensive Ruth wrote a tweet to Danielle which read, “You can organise to see Loki any time, just let me know.” But Ruth was then inundated with messages from fans who seemed to suggest that Liam is deliberately keeping Loki away from Danielle.

But she was annoyed when some fans likened Liam’s recent meltdown and his ledge walking antics to the behaviour that pop brat Justin Bieber is displaying of late.

Pointing out how very different Bieber’s actions were from her brother’s, Ruth added, “Liam has people who care , the moment he steps out of line he’s pulled back, he’ll be fine xx” So perhaps she was intimating then that either Liam’s managers or his friends and family had had something to say to him about his recent Twitter rant?

She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.

And they only just adopted a dog together a few months ago! But sadly, it appears that Liam Payne and his long-time girlfriend, Danielle Peazer, have broken up!

“Liam’s on tour until November and Danielle’s very busy so they basically never see each other.

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