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Though the line is distant and crackly, he can’t hide his annoyance.

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Of the total losses, £23.9million is lost by people who fall for phone scams - like the one David is trying to pull off. Talk Talk says it has no legal responsibility towards anyone who has been duped by the conmen because it is not directly responsible for the financial loss.

This is because customers would have had to reveal their banking information or give someone access to their computer.

And it urges customers to report suspicious calls from anyone pretending to be from the firm to 08.‘We would also never call and ask the customer to provide bank details nor would we call to ask customers to remotely connect to their computers unless we have a specific request from the customer to do so.’ #five Deals Widget Item Title#mobile #five Deals Widget #five Deals Widget div, #five Deals Widget a #five Deals Widget .widget Title Box #five Deals Widget .widget Title #five Deals Widget Item #five Deals Widget Item#last #five Deals Widget Item Title #five Deals Widget Item Image, #five Deals Widget Item Image img #five Deals Widget Item Image #five Deals Widget Item Image img #five Deals Widget Itemdesc #five Deals Widget Item Rate #five Deals Widget Footer #five Deals Widget .

Until now, calls to 0800, 0808 or 116 numbers have been free to call from landlines but have incurred a cost of up to 40p a minute for mobile users.

A series of recent hacking scandals and other data leaks have seen the details of millions of customers of 15 big-name firms go up for sale on the internet.

The independent Money Advice Service has also found that eight cold call scams happen every second.

The man at the other end of the line is growing frustrated with me.

‘Please put the code into your computer and whatever problems it has we will fix it,’ he says.

Masturline was designed as an alternative for phone sex services.


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